tautanz - o vídeo

tautanz - the video


"At tautanz we believe in living consciously. 

In our daily rituals and choices, we shape the quality of our lives and the world around us.

Therefore, we create all-natural products that ensure luxury comfort while supporting

the well-being of our body and the environment.

We value premium quality made under fair and sustainable conditions.

All our products are naturally sourced and handmade by experienced craftsmen in Portugal.

Our packaging is made of recycled paper to deliver our goods in the eco-friendliest way.

This allows you to make conscious choices without compromising on a luxurious experience."

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Este foi um dos primeiros - de muitos mais espero - trabalhos que desenvolvi para uma marca com o objetivo de criar toda a componente de brand imagery / identidade visual.

A Isabel Theissen, fundadora da tautanz, e eu já nos conhecíamos de outros trabalhos e foi ela que me desafiou a criar toda a componente de imagem criativa para trazer vida à sua coleção de sabonetes artesanais e roupões de linho.

Hoje trago-vos a primeira parte deste trabalho que consiste num vídeo inspiracional - fiquem atentos às fotografias que virão logo de seguida.


This was one of the first - of many more hopefully - works I have developed for a brand with the goal of creating the entire brand imagery / visual identity.

Isabel Theissen, founder of tautanz, and I already knew each other, and she challenged me to create the whole creative image component to bring life to her collection of handmade soaps and linen kimonos.

Today I bring you the first part of this work consisting of an inspirational video - stay tunned for the photos that will be out soon.

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